Illustrator from Groningen.

My name is Simon van der Molen. I work as an illustrator based in Groningen, the Netherlands. I illustrate for publishers, newspapers, (healthcare) organizations and companies. Such as informative illustrations for customers or employees; jigsaw puzzles of your company; simplifying (complex) matters; comics and rebuses for relaxation; or illustrations for scientific articles.

Feel free to contact me via or +31 648 671334.


My vivid and expressive illustrations are ideal for simplifying complex topics, enhancing publications, or attracting attention to a product. To ensure a smooth and effective collaboration and a high-quality outcome, I follow the working method below:


1. Introduction

I discuss the customer’s needs, message, audience, purpose, and deadline. During the conversation, I build on their ideas and offer advice when needed. Then, I summarize the main points and translate them into an image. Based on this conversation, I prepare a quotation.


2. Sketching

At the drawing board, I sketch out the initial ideas for the illustration. These are rough drafts that capture the essence and layout of the design.


3. Feedback

We review the sketches together and check if I am following your vision. It is crucial that the sketches reflect your preferences and expectations, so I make revisions as needed. This feedback process guides the final outcome.


4. Digital elaboration

Once you approve the sketches, I will proceed with the digital development. This stage will add more detail and color to the illustrations. I can keep you updated on the progress of these initial drafts if you wish.


5. Delivery

I will deliver the illustrations in the format and file type of your choice. You can also request separate components of the illustrations digitally for other uses. You will receive the invoice along with the final product.